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igwe is an experimental sneakers studio run by Samuel Baruch. Industrial designer, he imagines new shapes, experiments innovative concepts and researches sustainable materials to design his sneakers.

With a master’s degree in Industrial Design, Samuel expressed a desire to produce responsibly and sustainably early on in his studies. Inspired by an architectural and urban poetry, Igwe integrates into it thanks to a minimalist, complex and innovative design.

Thanks to Samuel’s avant-garde vision and strong ethical values, the idea of Igwe came to light. In an environmentally limited industry, our mission is to reevaluate the way we design, develop and produce a quality sneaker. After sketching his first designs during FW18 fashion week, Igwe was launched in October 2018.

Igwe offers a new experience of luxury with a handcrafted production and an affirmed ethic. Our sneakers are recyclable and we share a transparent and sustainable production with our collaborators.


Igwe production is clean, experimental, innovative and circular.

You can bring back your old Igwe shoes to be recycled in all our stockists.

The materials for Igwe sneakers are sustainably sourced and developed throughout Southern Europe. They are hand crafted in traditional sneaker factories in Portugal. We have worked hard to develop a supply chain process that actively reduces CO2 impact.



Our supply chain was designed and implemented in the most efficient way to meet our brand's environmental expectations.

We have optimized to prevent unnecessary carbon emissions linked to transportation. Our carriers are carefully selected for their sensitivity and awareness of the environmental issues the fashion industry faces. 

We work with PimPamPost, an innovative transportation company that uses free spaces in public transport. Working with them allows us to reduce our CO2 impact up to 90%. And for each parcel, a part of the price is given to a cleaning ocean NGO.

We carefully select our partners in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal. All of them are committed to making a better and clean production in good social conditions. All our suppliers respect the REACH European conditions and have invested into sustainable energy.

For instance, we use recycle plastic from plastic bottle for our laces. We decided to work with a factory that has invested into a cutting machine to reduce the material waste. We are working on alternatives to use the waste and unused raw materials, like recycling our shoes to make new soles.