igwe is an experimental sneakers studio run by Samuel Baruch. Industrial designer, he imagines new shapes, experiments innovative concepts and researches sustainable materials to design his sneakers.

With a master’s degree in Industrial Design, Samuel expressed a desire to produce responsibly and sustainably early on in his studies. Inspired by an architectural and urban poetry, Igwe integrates into it thanks to a minimalist, complex and innovative design.

Thanks to Samuel’s avant-garde vision and strong ethical values, the idea of Igwe came to light. In an environmentally limited industry, our mission is to reevaluate the way we design, develop and produce a quality sneaker. After sketching his first designs during FW18 fashion week, Igwe was launched in October 2018.

Igwe offers a new experience of luxury with a handcrafted production and an affirmed ethic. Our sneakers are recyclable and we share a transparent and sustainable production with our collaborators.