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Igwe began in a small studio apartment in Paris in October 2018. The brand draws inspiration from urban architecture, clean line graphics, and our ever-changing, modern world. Our design is complex and innovative, minimalistic yet original. 

The materials for igwe sneakers are sustainably sourced and developed throughout Southern Europe. They are hand crafted in traditional sneaker factories in Portugal. We have worked hard to develop a supply chain process that actively reduces CO2 impact.

We recycle what we produce.

With a Master’s degree in Industrial Design, Samuel expressed a desire to produce responsibly and sustainably early on in his studies.
Thanks to Samuel’s avant-garde vision and strong ethical values, the idea of igwe came to light. In an environmentally limited industry, our mission is to reevaluate the way we design, develop and produce a quality sneaker. After sketching his first designs during FW18 fashion week, igwe launched in October 2018.

Igwe production is clean, experimental and innovative.

Innovation Goes With Environment