The Urban Myth

Innovation goes with environnment

This season opens up into a new urban atmosphere. It is the meeting of two souls, dancing under the soft light of the dawn.
Carefree and provocative, she embodies an ideal. He is his own reflection, his lover’s adversary.
Uniting in closeness and in freedom, nothing seems to have any limit.

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A commitment of quality.

Our shoes are handmade in our workshops in Portugal. Each model is unique, illustrating the craftsman’s savoir-faire.


New Luxury approach.

We create our sneakers with a design that unites them and differentiates them. They are the result of a search for shape, materials and innovative concepts.


A transparent and ethical production.

We share with our suppliers and our manufacturers the same ethical vision of the world. Our priority is to respect the environment in our production.



Igwe is an experimental & sustainable sneakers studio.
We imagine new shapes, experiment innovative concepts and research sustainable materials to design our sneakers. Igwe offers a new experience of luxury with a handcrafted production and an affirmed ethic. Our sneakers are recyclable and we share a transparent and sustainable production with our collaborators.